Yang 108 Form & the 37 Essential Forms with Sam Masich - Vancouver BC Canada

  • 21 Oct 2016
  • 23 Oct 2016
  • Vancouver BC Canada

Vancouver, Canada 
Fri October 21 - Sun October 23
☯ Yang 108 Form & the 37 Essential Forms (揚式太極拳三十七重要式) 

The traditional Yang-style Taijiquan 108 movement solo bare-hand routine is what started the modern taijiquan revolution. It is famous around the world and its variations are practiced endlessly. Many of the past masters emphasized the importance of another aspect necessary to mastering the long form, the by-now-almost-forgotten 37 Essential Forms (揚å¼Âå¤ªæ¥µæ‹³ä¸Â‰åä¸Âƒé‡è¦Âå¼Â), that comprise the basis the traditional routine.

Saturday/Sunday we will explore the first paragraph of the Yang 108 form in depth focusing on the Essential Forms that appear through the first section, and on martial applications of the single forms. Your practice of the solo routine will improve greatly as you integrate this material. At once traditional and progressive, this highly principled approach to taijiquan study never fails to leave a lasting impression.
It is recommended that participants know some variation of the long Yang form before the start date of this course.

Friday night we will look at the relationship between the 'Five stance-phases' (Wubu äºÂ”æ­¥) and two 'Post-standing' (ç«Â™æ¨Â) exercises, 'Horse-stance Post-standing' (mabu zhanzhuang é¦¬æ­¥ç«Â™æ¨Â) and 'River Post-standing' (chuanzishi zhanzhuang å·Âå­Â—å¼Âç«Â™æ¨Â). These practices are considered essential to the entire curriculum.


Schedule Fri. 7-9:30pm Sat/Sun. 10am to 6 pm

location to be announced
cost Full weekend $285
(Early bird price $260???payment deadline Sept. 20)
Friday night-only $50
Sat/Sun only $260 (Early-bird $245).
contact Michael Blackburn m_l_blackburn@yahoo.ca (778) 228-3500 




Type of Event:  Internal Arts Workshop

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