A Daoism seminar in Guelph presented by James Coons

  • 25 Apr 2015
  • 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
  • Sukha yoga, 42 Wyndham St. N., #101c, Guelph ON Canada

The class will be two hours long, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and will be jam packed with powerful information about how to build a better practice around the principle of positive feedback loops and complementary training methods.

We may also be having a calligraphy presentation by Chinese artist Zhang Lin.

The seminar will be held at Sukha yoga, 42 Wyndham St N., #101c, and is $30 with pre registration (deposit check of $15 to be made by Apr 10) or $35 at the door.

Our seminar at the lovely Sukha Yoga school in Downtown Guelph will focus on Qi Gong from the Zhineng school (Wisdom cultivation Qigong focuses on using the energy field around the body in harmony with the rest of the energy anatomy in order to build up a stronger proprioceptive sense of Qi energy and vibrant health), Tian family Taijiquan (learned in Shanghai with GM Yin Qin, the leader of his branch of the style), Tea ceremony (learned in Shanghai and Taiwan with various masters), and Daoist Neidan elixir meditation (learned from master Yang Hai, who studied in the white cloud temple, Beijing).

Email enquiries can be directed to lizardlioneagle@hotmail.com
phone to 226 500 1134


More information below, from James Coons.


Hello all,
with this seminar, I will be officially launching my Daoist arts and culture project.
This project is represented by the four character phrase "wen yi xiu mei," which means "art and culture to cultivate beauty." This phrase coined by my teacher Yang Hai explains how Daoist culture combines the literary arts, visual arts, music, food, qi gong, meditation, medicine, and martial art into a comprehensive system of self cultivation.
The system being pioneered by Master Yang is based on using Daoism as an engine by which to study Chinese traditional arts and culture. The reverse aspect of this is that Chinese arts and culture are used as a vehicle by which to study to Dao.

About teacher James Coons:

James has studied internal martial arts and qigong for more than a decade and spent a considerable amount of time learning privately with Master Yang Hai, who carries on his family tradition of Xingyibagua, and Chen style Taijiquan. Under his teacher's suggestion, he spent five years living in Mainland China, where he learned Yang style Taijiquan, Xinyiliuhe Quan, Sun style Taijiquan, and Tea ceremony with several masters and grandmasters there.

He has also spent the last several years studying Nei Dan Elxir meditation of the Zhonglv, Southern, and Middle schools of Daoism with Master Yang.

He has released many articles in magazines as diverse as The Empty Vessel Daoist Journal, In Recovery Magazine, Om Magazine, and Tong Ren.

He is currently finishing a book on Nei Dan Elixir Meditation which is due to be released by Tambouli Media later this year.

James resides in Guelph and loves to have people over for tea (incidentally, his company, www.theteakings.com just won first prize for baked Oolong tea in the North American Tea Championships, the largest North American competition of its kind).

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