CTF Teachers' Training Seminar

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Canadian Taijiquan Federation

Taijiquan Teachers’ Training  Seminar

The Taiji Garden

Saturday   March 11, 2006,   8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Hosts:   Ed Cooper  and Steve Higgins

Milton, Ontario, Canada


The Taiji Garden

In their third taijiquan teachers' training seminar for the CTF, Ed Cooper and Steve Higgins will focus on the different stages of the educational encounter between student and teacher of Taijiquan. In many respects the process is similar to gardening.

The initial stage is surveying the ground. For example, what are the student and teacher bringing to this encounter? What history and what expectations are there? What impact will various environmental factors have upon the outcome?

Secondly, what are the student's most immediate needs? Sun or shade, moist or dry? How can the teacher ascertain these, so as to ensure a positive and productive experience?

Thirdly, what are the teacher's core principles and how can these influence the flowering of the student's inner abilities? This part of the seminar will involve a sharing of favourite teaching strategies among the participants.

Finally, how can the ground be prepared for the future? How can the value of the educational encounter be optimally developed? How can this be applied to both individual and institutional client-teacher relationships so as to ensure a long-term and beneficial effect?

Connect with new players and enthusiasts and renew old relationships for a day of insight, fun and sharing.

Certification of Attendance

Their hands-on approach will involve both one-on-one instruction and partnered work. The result will be a deeper insight into the psychology, physiology and practical mechanics of improving Taiji form and function.


Seminar Fee - $90 for CTF Members
Non-Members - $110
Light lunch provided.
Special financial arrangements  subject to need.
Registration form will be available on the CTF website.
Print the form and send registrations to:
Canadian Taijiquan Federation, PO Box 421, Milton, Ontario, L9T 4X1


St Paul’s United Church
123 Main Street East, Milton, Ontario L9T 6S5


Ed Cooper,   905-878-8647
Steve Higgins,    519-576-3206


Ed Cooper is a former President of the Canadian Taijiquan Federation and former co-editor of TongRen.  He organized and hosted three previous CTF Taijiquan Teachers’ Exchanges and co-hosted two Teacher Training sessions in 2005.  In addition, he has both trained and worked as a judge for forms (empty hand and weapons) and  push hands, both in Canada and the United States.  Ed currently studies with Sam Masich and  teaches at the Circle of Friends Tai Chi Club in Milton, Ontario, Canada.

Steve Higgins has studied martial arts for over 30 years, and has studied and taught taiji for almost 20 years.  His background includes Jujitsu, Xing Yi, Bagua, and other arts.  A student of Dr. Shen Zaiwen and the late Grand Master Jou Tsung Hwa, he is the sifu at Cold Mountain Internal Arts in Kitchener.  He has served multiple terms as a Director of the Canadian Taijiquan Federation and has contributed to previous CTF Teachers’ Exchanges.

CTF Educational Series

Meet your fellow students, teachers, instructors, and practitioners for a day of learning about teaching taijiquan, through lectures, discussions, demonstrations and practice.  Gain new insights and learn from each other.

Join us for our sixth CTF educational session in an ongoing series of teachers’ exchanges and training sessions.

This seminar, while involving an element of formal lecture, will primarily emphasize physical and psychological interaction. Participants should dress comfortably in their usual tai chi attire!

Previous CTF Teachr Training Sessions:

“Nature and Nurture”  March 25, 2005

“The afternoon was spent in lively discussion of learning styles, skills mastery and corrections. Finally, a thought-provoking, challenging (there’s that word again) discussion about where the CTF is now as an organization and what the future hold for us and the world.”
 Penny Grace, TongRen Summer 2005

“I saw more of the tension between nature and nurture in the effort to teach Taiji. The benefits of balance and boundaries switched oon some lights as I saw applications in my life.”
Steve Holbert, TongRen Summer 2005.

“Form and Function” the science and art of physical correction October 1, 2005.

“My attention was held from the opening remarks to the end of the day’s session. …  Reflecting on the presentation of the seminar, the extensive content, the open discussions during the seminar, and the active participation of the attendees, I would highly recommend this type of training to any Taijiquan Teacher or would-be teacher who can avail themselves of the opportunity.”
 Mavis Hutter, TongRen Winter 2005

Canadian Taijiquan Federation Certification

Every attendee will receive a CTF Taijiquan Teachers Trainings Session Certificate of Participation for the one day event.

In response to wide-spread concern expressed by the membership, the CTF appointed in 2005 a Certification Committee to investigate the issue of what would be involved in recognizing or encouraging the development of teaching skills among its members. The Committee has presented a report advocating a process based upon skills-recognition, rather than upon instituting a specific curriculum. This is because curricula are generally established within existing club, lineage and instructional institutions, and in many cases are already in place. However, the Committee has also recommended that the CTF continue its educational initiative and that formal recognition be based in part on participation in recognized educational events and workshops.

The CTF is planning a series of continuing education seminars and exchanges for students and teachers.


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The CTF provides certification for instructors of Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan). READ MORE.


"TONGREN" is the quarterly journal of the CTF.  TongRen has been published and distributed to the CTF membership since 1994, changing to digital format in August 2010. LEARN MORE

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